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iTown App

The iTown application enables your community to have the information from your website automatically populate on an iPhone and Android device.

All your municipal office needs to do is to maintain your website as you normally would and the information will now be available to people 24/7 from any location on their iPhone and Android devices.

The application is fed with content from your website such as local notices, upcoming events, business directory, local maps and contact information.

iTown App Features
  • Allows ratepayers to stay informed with real time access to notices and events
  • Ability to search and contact local businesses with the help of integrated business directory
  • Ability to locate points of interests like schools, banks, churches using the interactive local maps feature
  • Allows ratepayer to get in touch with staff directly from the app
  • Easy to manage, no additional staff training is required.
  • All content is automatically pulled from your existing website
What makes our app stand out
All-Net Meetings

Council meeting agendas and decisions integrated with All-Net Meetings

Municipal Website

Community events, notices, local maps, business directories, weather and contact information.

Service Tracker

Public submissions and tracking of service requests with Service Tracker.

Alert Messaging

Send alert messages to appear on users phones without the need to check text or e-mail messages.

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