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Municipal officials now have the ability to easily broadcast information on a wide variety of platforms from one central portal. Connect – By All-Net incorporates 17 years of municipal experience into one central portal to manage and disseminate messages to all your residents via e-mail, smartphone apps, text messages, social media and voice phone lines. Emergency alert messages from Alert Ready can also be automated to broadcast on your resident’s smartphones without any local effort.

Connect has been developed to provide municipal administrators with one central portal to send and manage communication messages to their residents on multiple platforms.The Connect App also provides your residents with a communication link to your office for the latest municipal information and can include direct feeds from your own municipal website for notices and events.

Connect Features

  • Emergency Alerting - A direct feed into Canada's national emergency alerting system (Alert Ready).
  • Bulk/Mass E-Mail - ability to send out an unlimited number of e-mail messages to your residents.
  • SMS Text Messaging - The Connect portal provides you with the ability to send out SMS text messages to residents who prefer to be informed of local information on their mobile phone.
  • Push Messaging - You can issue smartphone alert messages to each smartphone and tablet with the app installed.
  • Voice Phone Messages - You can type a voice message and have the message sent out to resident phones. The message will be automatically read via a voice generator.
  • Social Media - Your account will provide you with one click access to your social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) for the posting and sharing of municipal information.
  • Account Management - You can manage all your resident accounts as well as the ability to create communication groups for people to select and receive information.
  • Mobile Management - The Connect portal provides you with the ability to manage and disseminate messages from any device including a smartphone.
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