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All-Net Meetings is the most user-friendly meeting and document management system available for public administrators. The easy to use interface makes the application great for the most novice user while providing advanced features such as interactive document management, task tracking and complete meeting management features.

All-Net Meetings is the only municipal meeting management solution that is completely compatible with any mobile device. You can now access all your meeting documents and share information on your account with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Administrators can adjust their meeting agendas and record information remotely from a smartphone instead of waiting till they return to the office. The best of all is there is no need to install a separate mobile app with limited features. You have access to all your information on any mobile device.

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Paperless Meetings

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Our Most Popular

Program Features

  • Agenda manager

    Your agenda packages are now electronic without the need to create paper packages.

  • Automated minutes

    Your agendas are created in minutes and your minutes are created in seconds!

  • Resolution manager

    Meeting decisions and resolutions can be searched by keyword, date or meeting type.

  • Document storage

    Store all documents in a searchable format for future reference.

  • Project Tracking

    Keep track of important projects and enable others to access and share information.

  • Issue tracker

    Manage and share information on important issues being managed.

  • Automated scheduling

    A scheduling system that syncs with a users Microsoft Outlook or iCloud calendar.

  • Remote/mobile access

    Access your information from any location on any device.

Start Saving

Saving You Time

And Money

All-Net Meetings provides all board members and staff with access to the files they require to make the right decisions. You can now ensure that your boards and councils have access to the files they need and you can also ensure that they are always aware of the important issues and projects being dealt with by your organization.Return on investment calculator.

    The benefits are simple and significant:
    • Save time
    • Save money
    • Improved communication
    • Improved decision making
    • Use less paper and reduce the carbon footprint of your office
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meetings_phone meeting_phone

Improve efficiency

Tools Built For Municipal


All-Net Meetings is built with the administrator in mind to save you time and resources. The greatest features within All-Net Meetings are the administration features that save you time and money and ensure that your staff and all users have the information they require to make informed decisions.

Some key features include:
  • Easily manage and access all user account information
  • Search any document, resolution, or information from one central search option
  • Embed your Minutes agendas and documents on your municipal website
  • Set individual file permissions allowing document access to specific users
  • Make files public or private with the click of a button
  • Receive feedback for draft documents and meeting packages
  • Access your files from any location with an internet connection
  • Send private messages to councillors during public meetings
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