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  • Do you have a system to track and follow-up on all the service requests your office receives in person, by phone or online?
  • Do you want the assurance that all requests from the public are dealt with in a timely manner?
  • Would you like to have immediate access to the latest updates related to every service request your office has received?
  • Would you like to know how many service requests your office receives for roads, drainage, by-law enforcement or general information?
  • Would you like to be able to view and produce quick reports for the activities of your local government by month or year?

You will have the assurance that all requests being managed by your staff are dealt with in a timely manner. Service Tracker allows you to accept, track, manage and report on every service request received by your office.


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Program Features

  • Notifications

    Staff are immediately notified of new submissions and receive automated reminders when tasks are due.

  • Document storage

    You are able to attach any documents to a specific service request for future or immediate reference.

  • public submissions

    Receive submissions online, by phone or in person that are tracked and routed to the appropriate staff.

  • archived requests

    There is now an archived copy of every request received and acted on in your municipality.

  • Website integration

    Your public submission form can be integrated into any website or app with no additional charge.

  • Council/board features

    You can create accounts for elected officials enabling them with the ability to submit and track their own requests.

  • Mobile access

    You can access your account and monitor all activities from any location with a mobile phone or tablet computer.

  • GIS Mapping

    Requests are mapped to the exact location while providing you the ability to edit any mapped location.

Improve Efficiency

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Whole Lot Easier

Built with the public administrator in mind Service Tracker is loaded with features to streamline all public requests and notify those responsible immediately. As an administrator you have access to all requests and status updates from your desktop or mobile device.

    Some key features include:
  • Public can submit service requests on-line, by phone or in person
  • You control the types of requests and staff responsible for each request type
  • You can create unlimited staff user accounts
  • All service requests can be archived for future reference
  • Your service request form can be easily applied to your website by pasting one line of code
  • You can produce customized reports for all the service requests your office receives
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